Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas tree by the Koon kids

This year for Christmas I gave up. I decided that I could mostly control Liam, Evelyn, and MyraJean but there was no way I could control the master of deception otherwise known as Adele. So there are Christmas ornaments from my childhood, and from Clifs and my early Christmas's but no breakable items were going on this tree. Hence, the tree was decorated for the children by the children. Still a very happy occasion by my kids if you ask. I needed a nap after the tree celebration. Here is the cute picture of my kids and their handiwork's.


Haylee said...

"...decorated for the children by the children." Brilliant thinking! :)

Cyn said...

My kids are 11 & 13 and I STILL don't put glass ornaments up. I have made a habit to never buy glass ornaments since I had the kids. There are adorable ornaments that aren't glass.
And really, what is the tree for if not for the kids to enjoy it!