Monday, December 6, 2010

Halloween Pictures and stories

No, I did not forget Halloween this year. But it has been a rough couple of months. The day that we were supposed to get the kids all dressed up, happened to be the same day that Clif had his appendix out.

This is how is all went down. Imagine a day with me, my Mom, and my sister all going clothes shopping for my birthday. It was like any other Friday that Clif had off, except that for two days Clif kept saying that his stomach really hurt and he wasn't hungry. I know that would mean nothing for the lay person, but in Clifton speak, it meant he was dying. The first and second day I just kept at him saying he needed to go to the Dr. since I thought he might have an ulcer. He had had these pains before but never this severely and not this long. By Friday he was hardly moving around on the couch, and I left him with the kids while I went to shop for my birthday.
It was a great day and I really had fun. I enjoyed my family and getting a ton of very much needed clothes for my birthday. I called and checked in with Clif a couple of times and he was just sitting around. By the time I got home at 4 to take Liam to soccer practice, Clif really looked bad. Still he just said he was ok and he was feeling better than he had in the last 2 days. So the whole family got in the car and went to the park, while we were there Clif thought about looking up the symptoms of appendicitis. He had all the classic signs and decided to call his Dr about what to do. The Dr. recommended him to get to the Dr's. in the next 24 hours, and Clif didn't tell me any of this until we got home, close to 6 that night. So I started to panic and started calling friends to see who would watch the kids while I took him to the ER. Finally I got smart, called my Mom who agreed to watch them and headed to the hospital at 8 pm.

Once there Clif said, "I am fine, I just want to go home". I did not believe him, he would turn completely white when people touched his belly. A couple of hours later and some tests revealed that not only did he have appendicitis but it had started to rupture which is why it didn't hurt as bad as it had in the first couple of days. So Clif spent the entire weekend in the hospital and I took the kids to the Halloween party without him. It was to be a relatively easy procedure, the Surgeon would go and pump him up with CO 2 gas. Then laporscopically go through his belly button and two other places with a camera and pull the infected appendix out. It went longer than they thought since the infection had started to move outside his appendix. But we were also blessed since Clif was in good shape, the infection was kept in a small enough place that the surgeon did not have to open him up completely.

I got home to my kids at 2 in the morning. Liam did not get to go to his soccer game and I was tempted to not do anything else either. My mom convinced me to take the kids to the yearly Twin Halloween party. Needless to say, the kids wore whatever costumes that I could scrounge from my sister and Mom. Clif did recover well and was back at work by Wednesday but I was pretty traumatised and so Halloween was not a large deal this year. Hence the one picture of the kids.


Cyn said...

Such a horrible weekend, but the kids are adorable! I think I've seen the ducky costume somewhere. :)

Naomi said...

Scary! Glad he's doing okay.