Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving and Snow

So this year with all the crazy drama that seems to envelope our house, we decided to have a very private and small Thanksgiving. It was nice though, there was snow the entire week before Thanksgiving so the kids played in the snow and we had a nice time.
I am so glad that I bought the kids new snow coats this year. This is Evelyn in the garden playing with her siblings. She is wearing my thick socks on her hands like the other girls. I didn't really believe that we would get any snow so I just got coats this year. Next year they will get mittens too.
MyraJean in her pretty pink coat. Once again, notice the cute grown up socks on her hands
I had one pair of gloves, Liam got to use them. He played in the snow every day while it was here. I think his highlight of his Thanksgiving was being able to play with Clif on Thanksgiving in the snow.

This is the only other thing my kids wanted to do during the Holiday. We had paint on the kids, walls, floors, paper, ceiling, and any other place in throwing distance. It was so fun for them but really crazy for me.

Here is a good one of Evelyn. At least I had enough foresight to not let them wear their good clothes while painting.

Does he look like a painting Master?

This doesn't show the aftermath but they all had a really good time while they were warming up from being outside.

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Cyn said...

What fabulous memories you're building for them!