Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yes I am a girl

On the way home from Reed's Dairy, the 4 kids and I were trying to keep Adele from falling asleep in the backseat. Liam started to bug her and was making her cry, but really, I didn't care as long as she was awake.

After a couple of minutes I started to hear laughing from Liam and Adele and was just tickled. Then I felt something crawl down the front of my shirt. I looked down and saw a baby mouse crawling down my shirt. Did I mention I was going down Highway 26 at 60 miles an hour and I HATE mice, rats, pretty much any rodent?

So I screamed, screamed, and screamed, brushed it off me only to find out it was one of those tiny very soft plastic mice that look like they're alive. Liam was laughing hysterically and was encouraging the other kids to laugh and said "What Mom? Are you scared of a little mouse, it is only a small mouse!"

I don't know what was worse, the fact Liam obviously thinks I am a wimp (which I am when it comes to rodents) or that he was smart enough to pull a practical joke on me at 5 years old.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Like Father like Pirate

Liam is obsessed with Pirates. He loves them, he has books about them, and watches movies about them. I dream at night he is going to run away from me to a pirate ship and I will have be all alone....

He has been building these cool pirate swords out of his Trio blocks and even making his sisters some so that they will play pirates with them too. One of the books that Liam has tells the history of pirates and all different aspects of pirate life. (I know, I have encouraged this obsession, but he loves them)

One Saturday, Clif was at work and Liam and I were reading about his pirates. He turned to a page that explained that most pirates were bored most of the time and so they drank and started fights. I tried to explain this by telling Liam most of the time they had too little to do but sometimes they also had too much to do and got grumpy. The following conversation took place.

Liam: "So they were too tired"
Mom: "Yep and no one told them to clean up and take naps so they were usually gross too".
Liam: "You mean their Moms didn't tell when bed time was and they DIDN'T take naps?!"
Mom: "Yes, that is why they were so grumpy"
Liam: "Maybe that is why Dad is always grumpy, his mom doesn't tell him to take a nap and he is probably still really tired all the time"

The funny thing is Clif never does take a nap and he is almost never grumpy. I, on the other hand, am pretty rigid about taking a nap and am still usually grumpy. I thought this was so funny, Clif didn't think so......

Love, hope, and Valentines day

So I am not the best with the smaller holidays but my parents have always made them so special for us, and continue to do so for my children. We got a care package for Valentines day for the kids and it was 4 days of fun filled activities. If my children look sick, while cupid visited, so did the influenza bug. So Valentines day was pretty fun with things to do while the kids weren't feeling well.

These are those window rubbers. You may not be able to see them well, but there are cupids, hearts, LOVE, and many others. Adele has had fun rearranging them over and over again. One day she got a whole stack of letters stuck in her hair. It looked like red Jello.

MyraJean on her Grandma's lap. Remember what I said about her not feeling well, well this is what most of them looked like for about 3 days. The flu hit my kids hard even though they had the flu shot this year. If you notice the wadded pillow case on MyraJean's lap, my mom made each of the kids really cute pillow cases. She also sent the kids little plush animals and MryaJean made us tie hers up in her pillow case so it didn't run away.
The next day she took the Panda bear out and we couldn't find it for naps or night time. MyraJean kept saying "My Panda misses me, Mom! She is crying". I never heard her crying but MyraJean was convinced. It was pretty cute.

These are those balloons that you can torpedo through the house. When the kids got tired of that we just tied the ends shut and launched the balloons through the house. They love these things.

There was a package of beads and foam to make their own bracelets. All the kids but Adele had a ball and are still wearing their bracelets. Adele likes hers too, but she had more fun yelling at me that she could do it than she did making her bracelet.
I made her mad by tying the two ends of her bracelet together. She was so ticked, for about an hour. That kid is so independent but what a sweet heart.
I loved this picture, yes she is drugged but look how happy she looks. She loves wearing it all the time and she color coordinates her jammies to match it. MyraJean is such a sweet sensitive thing.
How do you like that? Not only does he like to do hair but he loves to do crafts too. Good thing he is the oldest of sisters, lots of things to do with the girls

Here are the kids working on the bracelets together. They really had fun.

There are move things for the kids to do out of the box but I need to buy a hot glue gun for the kids to finish the projects. So keep a look out for Valentines day, installment two.

Purple hair

The gal in town agreed to put purple streaks in my hair. I am so excited. It isn't blue but actually purple, but I like it. Just something fun to do while I am in Idaho.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Lace

This is the latest piece of lace I have done. It came out pretty good, I didn't think I would finish it, so wonders never cease.

Check with the In laws before you leave the house

So Liam missed the bus the other day. I quickly knocked on my in-laws door, said "I would be right back", loaded my son up in the van and drove quickly to my sister in laws house. She lives a few blocks away and her kids will walk Liam to school. So that was the plan.

I took Liam in the house and chatted for a few minutes. I found out that my other sister in law had her baby that night and the thought keeps going through my head, my mother in law is not at home then. Well because it was the middle of the night when Sheryl had left, I didn't know if Bruce was gone too with her. So I had left the 3 girls home without supervision..... Oh my HECK!

I drove back at fast as possible on ice laden roads back to the house, ran up the stairs. and.... the house was still standing. I had horrible ideas of what those three could do in the ten minutes I had been gone. I threw open the door, and everything was fine. (My father in law was home and had heard me threw the door). Adele had no underwear on, but that is pretty normal. I asked her what happened to her underwear, "Yucky, peed". I told her to come on and went up the stairs to get her some more underwear.

Evelyn met us at the top of the stairs. "Mom", she said, "Adele peed on me right here (she points to her pants).
"On those pants?" I asked.
"Yep". "Go change them then", I said.
"But Mom, tell Adele not to pee on my, pee in the potty".

Words for all of us to live by.

Wake up call on Saturday, not the average alarm

Before Sheryl and Bruce came home off their mission, the kids and I took over their house. The Saturday they were coming home, Evelyn burst into my room out of breath and said "come quick, MyraJean needs you". I groggily get out of bed because it is barely seven in the morning and I go downstairs.

Since it is really hard to understand a 3 year old at that early hour I asked MyraJean to come see me. She was crying and I told her to calm down and tell me what happened. She told me she had a shoe in her nose. WHAT? You have to repeat that one a couple of times. In the previous posts, you will have read the twins got poly pockets for Christmas. Well for some reason, MyraJean was inclined to shove a shoe up her nose from that present. I didn't see it and even had her tip her head back into my lap to look all the way up it, yep you guessed it, no shoe.

I asked her again what happened and she said she had a shoe up her nose. So I got my very slim crochet hook out and stuck it up as far as I felt comfortable in doing and pulled down. Then I saw something, so I did it again, hoping it wasn't a giant booger. Nope, it was a hot pink high heeled Poly Pocket shoe. She had shoved it so far up there I never ever saw it. I would have taken her picture but I was torn between being grossed out and laughing really hard.

Never thought I would tell my 3 year old to keep all shoes out of her nose. At least she wasn't 13....

Evelyn and her blue shirt.

Evelyn has a blue shirt and shorts that we used to wear to the beach last summer. It has been horrible to explain to her that in 10 degree Idaho weather she can not wear that shirt. Now the good Mom would try to explain it in details that she would understand, I just wish I had the guts to burn the shirt or have my Mother-In-Law throw it away. But if I do anything, that kid will see right through me and I will have heck to pay.

So the other day the conversation came up that we would be heading to California, land of the eternal sunshine and you guessed it, the beach. Evelyn knows this and said, Mom, California has Dad AAAANNNNDDDDD the BEACH!

You ask where she gets the obsession from the beach from, ask her Dad... I plead the fifth.

Onward to California and quicksand

The kids have been missing Clif and my parents something fierce. In the the car the other day MyraJean was saying how much she missed her Mimi and Pop. I kept saying that we could go and visit but it wasn't helping. Then she would say how much she missed Clif while he was working in Cali.

At this point I have had this conversation with each of the kids a million times and didn't know how to respond. So I said, soon we would go to Cali and see Dad and then see Mimi and Pop. MyraJean started bawling in the back of the car and I was speechless. So I asked her what the problem was, and she said "But when we go to California, we will be stuck and never see Mimi and Pop".

See, I keep telling the kids that Dad is "stuck" in California at work since trying to explain why he is there and we are here is getting very difficult. So MyraJean thought we would be stuck like her Dad if we went to Cali, I still don't have an answer for her.

Merry Christmas

I know that we didn't blog about Christmas, but read the previous post and you will know why. Hence, in the middle of February I am getting around to posting our Christmas post.

We fell into a windfall this year for Christmas and because of the move, we cleaned out the closets of the saved presents, IE, the kids got a TON of stuff. Not that they lack for anything, but really? I over did it by far this year.

So Santa had some help, with Kohl's running an amazing sale on toys this year, the twin sale, and the generosity of garage sales and a few friends getting rid of items, Santa didn't do much shopping at all. Liam got a new fishing pole, which all he talked about for weeks is going fishing with his Grandpa. He also got a bunch of Magic Tree house books and Captain Underpants books. He has really grown to love to read, or the love of being read to. I found some Trio blocks on killer sale (Kohl's) and his Mimi also supplemented him another set. If you have a small one who loves to build, these are big enough for a 3 year old to do but challenging enough for an older kid to also do. He loves these blocks. He also got a marble mania building kit, a skateboard van transformer, and more Gears Gears Gears.

The Twins got just as much stuff. Santa found some horses to ride ( the stuffed kind) with hats and new pants. They also got a ton of Poly Pocket stuff from the Mimi, even a Poly Pocket resort. They also got a couple of bags of horses and ranches where they build their own ranch and add the horses to. The girls also got some Trio blocks too, which were a big hit with them too. Oh yeah, and some my little ponies. Must be the year of building and animals.

We did not forget Adele. She also got a baby and cradle, riding horse, some new books, and some good puzzles for her to manipulate. She also got some my little ponies, a couple of new clothes, a ranch with a horse and farmer family from her Mimi and Pop.

Santa found a complete of the set of Illustrated Old Testament for the whole family. We also were bestowed a new camera, since ours quit totally a year ago, so it was an amazing year for us for Christmas. The kids loved it, it was relatively easy... at least the Christmas was. Can't vouch for the laid back next week.

The Pre-Christmas Season of Change

To catch up with the last post, I need to back track up to two months ago. Clif had gotten word through work that he would be out of work by the beginning of Dec, three weeks prior. So Christmas was quite crazy at out house, with our family not knowing whether we would have work by the end of the year.
Well, the closer we got to Christmas the more worried both Clif and I were. So imagine our surprise when Clif's work came through with a transfer to the Oakland office with a guarantee of 2+ years. This may not mean much to others but with a husband that works projects like, roads, bridges, and buildings, with the end of each project comes fear of losing work again. This has happened twice in the last 5 years and it still makes me giddy to know that we have work for longer than six months.
Now, as good as this offer seemed, it did come with a couple of hitches. Clif had to start in California at the beginning of January. As in two weeks of the offer, we had to be packed up and left. The problem was there was no way to move the entire house in two weeks so.... Clif and I left Seattle Jan 1st, and went to Idaho. Then Clif continued down to California while the kids and I got reacquainted with Clifs family, which we don't see much at all.
I know this is a big announcement for a little post but I haven't had time to do much blogging in the last month and a half. Hopefully we will be reunited in Cali by March.