Sunday, February 13, 2011

Check with the In laws before you leave the house

So Liam missed the bus the other day. I quickly knocked on my in-laws door, said "I would be right back", loaded my son up in the van and drove quickly to my sister in laws house. She lives a few blocks away and her kids will walk Liam to school. So that was the plan.

I took Liam in the house and chatted for a few minutes. I found out that my other sister in law had her baby that night and the thought keeps going through my head, my mother in law is not at home then. Well because it was the middle of the night when Sheryl had left, I didn't know if Bruce was gone too with her. So I had left the 3 girls home without supervision..... Oh my HECK!

I drove back at fast as possible on ice laden roads back to the house, ran up the stairs. and.... the house was still standing. I had horrible ideas of what those three could do in the ten minutes I had been gone. I threw open the door, and everything was fine. (My father in law was home and had heard me threw the door). Adele had no underwear on, but that is pretty normal. I asked her what happened to her underwear, "Yucky, peed". I told her to come on and went up the stairs to get her some more underwear.

Evelyn met us at the top of the stairs. "Mom", she said, "Adele peed on me right here (she points to her pants).
"On those pants?" I asked.
"Yep". "Go change them then", I said.
"But Mom, tell Adele not to pee on my, pee in the potty".

Words for all of us to live by.