Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Like Father like Pirate

Liam is obsessed with Pirates. He loves them, he has books about them, and watches movies about them. I dream at night he is going to run away from me to a pirate ship and I will have be all alone....

He has been building these cool pirate swords out of his Trio blocks and even making his sisters some so that they will play pirates with them too. One of the books that Liam has tells the history of pirates and all different aspects of pirate life. (I know, I have encouraged this obsession, but he loves them)

One Saturday, Clif was at work and Liam and I were reading about his pirates. He turned to a page that explained that most pirates were bored most of the time and so they drank and started fights. I tried to explain this by telling Liam most of the time they had too little to do but sometimes they also had too much to do and got grumpy. The following conversation took place.

Liam: "So they were too tired"
Mom: "Yep and no one told them to clean up and take naps so they were usually gross too".
Liam: "You mean their Moms didn't tell when bed time was and they DIDN'T take naps?!"
Mom: "Yes, that is why they were so grumpy"
Liam: "Maybe that is why Dad is always grumpy, his mom doesn't tell him to take a nap and he is probably still really tired all the time"

The funny thing is Clif never does take a nap and he is almost never grumpy. I, on the other hand, am pretty rigid about taking a nap and am still usually grumpy. I thought this was so funny, Clif didn't think so......

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