Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love, hope, and Valentines day

So I am not the best with the smaller holidays but my parents have always made them so special for us, and continue to do so for my children. We got a care package for Valentines day for the kids and it was 4 days of fun filled activities. If my children look sick, while cupid visited, so did the influenza bug. So Valentines day was pretty fun with things to do while the kids weren't feeling well.

These are those window rubbers. You may not be able to see them well, but there are cupids, hearts, LOVE, and many others. Adele has had fun rearranging them over and over again. One day she got a whole stack of letters stuck in her hair. It looked like red Jello.

MyraJean on her Grandma's lap. Remember what I said about her not feeling well, well this is what most of them looked like for about 3 days. The flu hit my kids hard even though they had the flu shot this year. If you notice the wadded pillow case on MyraJean's lap, my mom made each of the kids really cute pillow cases. She also sent the kids little plush animals and MryaJean made us tie hers up in her pillow case so it didn't run away.
The next day she took the Panda bear out and we couldn't find it for naps or night time. MyraJean kept saying "My Panda misses me, Mom! She is crying". I never heard her crying but MyraJean was convinced. It was pretty cute.

These are those balloons that you can torpedo through the house. When the kids got tired of that we just tied the ends shut and launched the balloons through the house. They love these things.

There was a package of beads and foam to make their own bracelets. All the kids but Adele had a ball and are still wearing their bracelets. Adele likes hers too, but she had more fun yelling at me that she could do it than she did making her bracelet.
I made her mad by tying the two ends of her bracelet together. She was so ticked, for about an hour. That kid is so independent but what a sweet heart.
I loved this picture, yes she is drugged but look how happy she looks. She loves wearing it all the time and she color coordinates her jammies to match it. MyraJean is such a sweet sensitive thing.
How do you like that? Not only does he like to do hair but he loves to do crafts too. Good thing he is the oldest of sisters, lots of things to do with the girls

Here are the kids working on the bracelets together. They really had fun.

There are move things for the kids to do out of the box but I need to buy a hot glue gun for the kids to finish the projects. So keep a look out for Valentines day, installment two.


Kathy said...

Cute pictures. What a fun (and not fun) Valentine's Day. Miss you, friend!

Rebekah said...

That was so nice of your parents!