Sunday, February 13, 2011

Merry Christmas

I know that we didn't blog about Christmas, but read the previous post and you will know why. Hence, in the middle of February I am getting around to posting our Christmas post.

We fell into a windfall this year for Christmas and because of the move, we cleaned out the closets of the saved presents, IE, the kids got a TON of stuff. Not that they lack for anything, but really? I over did it by far this year.

So Santa had some help, with Kohl's running an amazing sale on toys this year, the twin sale, and the generosity of garage sales and a few friends getting rid of items, Santa didn't do much shopping at all. Liam got a new fishing pole, which all he talked about for weeks is going fishing with his Grandpa. He also got a bunch of Magic Tree house books and Captain Underpants books. He has really grown to love to read, or the love of being read to. I found some Trio blocks on killer sale (Kohl's) and his Mimi also supplemented him another set. If you have a small one who loves to build, these are big enough for a 3 year old to do but challenging enough for an older kid to also do. He loves these blocks. He also got a marble mania building kit, a skateboard van transformer, and more Gears Gears Gears.

The Twins got just as much stuff. Santa found some horses to ride ( the stuffed kind) with hats and new pants. They also got a ton of Poly Pocket stuff from the Mimi, even a Poly Pocket resort. They also got a couple of bags of horses and ranches where they build their own ranch and add the horses to. The girls also got some Trio blocks too, which were a big hit with them too. Oh yeah, and some my little ponies. Must be the year of building and animals.

We did not forget Adele. She also got a baby and cradle, riding horse, some new books, and some good puzzles for her to manipulate. She also got some my little ponies, a couple of new clothes, a ranch with a horse and farmer family from her Mimi and Pop.

Santa found a complete of the set of Illustrated Old Testament for the whole family. We also were bestowed a new camera, since ours quit totally a year ago, so it was an amazing year for us for Christmas. The kids loved it, it was relatively easy... at least the Christmas was. Can't vouch for the laid back next week.

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