Sunday, February 13, 2011

Onward to California and quicksand

The kids have been missing Clif and my parents something fierce. In the the car the other day MyraJean was saying how much she missed her Mimi and Pop. I kept saying that we could go and visit but it wasn't helping. Then she would say how much she missed Clif while he was working in Cali.

At this point I have had this conversation with each of the kids a million times and didn't know how to respond. So I said, soon we would go to Cali and see Dad and then see Mimi and Pop. MyraJean started bawling in the back of the car and I was speechless. So I asked her what the problem was, and she said "But when we go to California, we will be stuck and never see Mimi and Pop".

See, I keep telling the kids that Dad is "stuck" in California at work since trying to explain why he is there and we are here is getting very difficult. So MyraJean thought we would be stuck like her Dad if we went to Cali, I still don't have an answer for her.

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