Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Pre-Christmas Season of Change

To catch up with the last post, I need to back track up to two months ago. Clif had gotten word through work that he would be out of work by the beginning of Dec, three weeks prior. So Christmas was quite crazy at out house, with our family not knowing whether we would have work by the end of the year.
Well, the closer we got to Christmas the more worried both Clif and I were. So imagine our surprise when Clif's work came through with a transfer to the Oakland office with a guarantee of 2+ years. This may not mean much to others but with a husband that works projects like, roads, bridges, and buildings, with the end of each project comes fear of losing work again. This has happened twice in the last 5 years and it still makes me giddy to know that we have work for longer than six months.
Now, as good as this offer seemed, it did come with a couple of hitches. Clif had to start in California at the beginning of January. As in two weeks of the offer, we had to be packed up and left. The problem was there was no way to move the entire house in two weeks so.... Clif and I left Seattle Jan 1st, and went to Idaho. Then Clif continued down to California while the kids and I got reacquainted with Clifs family, which we don't see much at all.
I know this is a big announcement for a little post but I haven't had time to do much blogging in the last month and a half. Hopefully we will be reunited in Cali by March.

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Fromagette said...

Wow. That is a huge change! I'm glad that Clif at least has work, but moving to Cali... :) You know, my parents are still in that area if you need anything. Good luck!