Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wake up call on Saturday, not the average alarm

Before Sheryl and Bruce came home off their mission, the kids and I took over their house. The Saturday they were coming home, Evelyn burst into my room out of breath and said "come quick, MyraJean needs you". I groggily get out of bed because it is barely seven in the morning and I go downstairs.

Since it is really hard to understand a 3 year old at that early hour I asked MyraJean to come see me. She was crying and I told her to calm down and tell me what happened. She told me she had a shoe in her nose. WHAT? You have to repeat that one a couple of times. In the previous posts, you will have read the twins got poly pockets for Christmas. Well for some reason, MyraJean was inclined to shove a shoe up her nose from that present. I didn't see it and even had her tip her head back into my lap to look all the way up it, yep you guessed it, no shoe.

I asked her again what happened and she said she had a shoe up her nose. So I got my very slim crochet hook out and stuck it up as far as I felt comfortable in doing and pulled down. Then I saw something, so I did it again, hoping it wasn't a giant booger. Nope, it was a hot pink high heeled Poly Pocket shoe. She had shoved it so far up there I never ever saw it. I would have taken her picture but I was torn between being grossed out and laughing really hard.

Never thought I would tell my 3 year old to keep all shoes out of her nose. At least she wasn't 13....

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