Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yes I am a girl

On the way home from Reed's Dairy, the 4 kids and I were trying to keep Adele from falling asleep in the backseat. Liam started to bug her and was making her cry, but really, I didn't care as long as she was awake.

After a couple of minutes I started to hear laughing from Liam and Adele and was just tickled. Then I felt something crawl down the front of my shirt. I looked down and saw a baby mouse crawling down my shirt. Did I mention I was going down Highway 26 at 60 miles an hour and I HATE mice, rats, pretty much any rodent?

So I screamed, screamed, and screamed, brushed it off me only to find out it was one of those tiny very soft plastic mice that look like they're alive. Liam was laughing hysterically and was encouraging the other kids to laugh and said "What Mom? Are you scared of a little mouse, it is only a small mouse!"

I don't know what was worse, the fact Liam obviously thinks I am a wimp (which I am when it comes to rodents) or that he was smart enough to pull a practical joke on me at 5 years old.


Cyn said...

Definitely that he was clever enough at 5 to pull that level of a prank! OH MY!! That was just wrong-but so hysterical on my end.

Rebekah said...

HILARIOUS! He gets it from his only-boy-in-a-house-of-girls dad. Watch out. You and the girls are in for it....