Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fun times

This past week has been harder for me to handle than normal. I think it has to do the stress of being separated from Clif for almost 3 months, the girls are almost 4 (and know it), and daylight savings time has thrown my family for a loop. So there has been more tears, time outs, and early nights than normal and lets not talk about my children's behavior.

So today I bribed the kids. That is right, I bribed them with going to ice cream for their good behavior. There is a local dairy here that makes really great ice cream. The kids love it, and I don't mind it either. So they behaved beautifully and we met up with some friends and ate a ton of ice cream.
This is the back of the ice cream shop. The kids love going to see the cows and I have to laugh because they kept saying how bad it smelled. Still, it is an adventure for these city kiddos.

Here they are with the cows and you can see the disdain of the smell on their faces, especially Evelyn's.

Later we went to our friends and played with their Wii and I have to admit, it was so much fun. Shannon got better pictures than I did and some video so I will post them when she sends me some but it was fun to be out and about with friends. The kids loved the dancing game and the Wii fit board. I don't know who had more fun, the kids, or the adults (who spent most of it taking pictures and laughing at the kids).

Here is MyraJean with a huge glass of Poweraid. Can I tell you that they will never drink this stuff again since they had to go to the bathroom every five minutes. Cute face, though.

Evelyn jamming out on the guitar.

I do have pictures of Liam but my friend Shannon has them and is formatting them for me. She is AWESOME to host us and take such great care of my kids. We had a lot of fun and will post more pictures when they come.

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