Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not up to testing standards, where is the local tutor?

Adele was sitting on my lap smashing my stomach over and over again. She was hurting me and after repeatedly asking her to stop, I put her on the floor. She started to cry since I put her down roughly (to make a point) and I felt bad. So I picked her back up and put her on my lap again and told her she had to be soft with Mom.
She softly began to feel around my belly and said "Boob?"
"Nope", I replied, "belly, baby in my belly".
She said "Baby out".
"Baby in, in for a long time", I said.
"Baby out now!", she said.

She looked around my belly for a while and pushed and then with both hands pulled the top of my shirt out and looked down my shirt while shoving her hand down there to feel around. She began to touch the top of my belly and very confused at this point, said "Mom, where's boobs?".

Like the moment I get pregnant EVERYTHING is eclipsed by the gigantic belly.

To this day she refuses to call it a baby belly instead saying baby boob. Funny for everyone else and a little disheartening for me.


Fromagette said...

Ummm...what's this? Is this an announcement?

Bree said...

Yes we are pregnant, I am due mid june. So hopefully mid May.

Bree and Clif said...

aahhh ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry babe, but I as well think its funny. But I suppose I can since youre my wife and Adele is my baby.