Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Positive discipline

The other night the three oldest kids were out of bed for the millionth time and I was past loosing my patience. Then MyraJean came down with her p.j.s wet on one arm. At this point I am about to take away all thier toys and make them eat with Max outside in the back (I was so mad).

So I asked her what happened and she said that Liam threw water on her while she was going to the bathroom. I told her to go get Liam and tell him that I needed him and then she got a confused look on her face

"Mom", she said, "Are you going to pull his hair?"
"Mom, are you going to pinch him?"
"Nnooo" (At this point I am debating between being confused on why she would think I would do that to him or contemplating whether maybe those techniques would work)
"Mom, then what are you going to do?"

Like seriously, what other punishments would be appropriate for the crime? She should write a book.

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