Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What a man

Liam got a new fishing pole from Santa for Christmas. He has been talking about going fishing with his Grandpa since he got it. All the way from Seattle to Idaho Falls, it was all I heard about. So Bruce took him fishing a couple of times, and I was assured by Sheryl that they would only be gone an hour. Two hours later, Liam comes walking into the house grinning ear to ear. He loved going fishing, not they caught anything, but he loved the experience. Here are some cute pictures that Bruce was able to take of him.
I know that Bruce got some night crawlers before they left so I am a little unsure whether Liam didn't think Bruce had enough, or he just couldn't resist playing in the mud. I am leaning toward playing in the mud and looking for rocks to add to his collection.

Here he is with his pole prop since his arms MUST have been tired from holding his pole still. I don't know if they don't catch anything because Liam talks non stop and it scares the fish or he gives up before they catch a fish. Still, I am so glad he got to fish and create memories with his Grandpa.


Sarah said...

I was going to email you today! Fishing - so cute. My husband has recenty taking up fishing and is trying to get my girls into it. SOOOO excited that you have a house!! Good luck with the move. Love the stories about the kids. I was relieved to read that it was a fake mouse...I was a little freaked out that you somehow had a live mouse in your car. I'm glad you didn't crash!

Cyn said...

Wonderful memory! Logan is still waiting for someone to take him fishing.

Bree and Clif said...

he needs a haircut though.