Saturday, April 23, 2011

Father Son Campout and Growing Up.

Liam and I went on our first father/son campout last night. It started out kind rocky. We got all our things in the car, went and bought the most important camping equipment (snacks and drinks) then started out. The rocky part was about 15 miles down the road when I realized that dough-head of a dad forgot the sleeping bags and blankets. So we turned around and traveled the 25min (to begin with we traveled against rush hour traffic, but went home with it. Kinda slowed us down) back home to get something to sleep in. Luckily Liam just laughed at the whole thing. I guess when your 5 anything can be an adventure.
So, Liam and I were in safeway buying camping equipment and we picked up some beef jerkey, crackers, cookies, and drinks. When we got out to the car Liam started asking me about the burned turkey. I had to ask him what he was talking about, burned turkey. He said, you know, the burned turkey we just bought. I thought I had put something in the cart by mistake. I must have realized the question on my face and pulled it out. He was almost right. Not burned turkey, but beef jerkey. What a sweet kid. anyway, we were talking about the snacks on the way down (before I realized-no sleeping bags) and we talked about what we were going to eat and I mentioned that the ward was providing dinner. We had bought potato salad for a side. Anyway, I said that we had the salad for everyone. Quickly Liam pipes up, yeah, for everyone and we are one of the everyones. Glad he gets it. We really had a great time. Liam was thrilled to do all the camping things; roast marshmellows, sit by the fire, steal my hat and run, go for a hike, sit in a tree, sleep in a tent (oh my goodness the boy doesn't shut up. Its a wonder we got any sleep at all,) AND STAY UP REALLY REALLY LATE.

It was really fun. Liam and I really had a good time "teasing each other" as he puts it. I don't know if it is all the stress from the last three months gone or that we really enjoyed each others company, but we sure laughed a lot at all the stupid things men do on campouts. And just being together in general.


Rebekah said...

I'm smiling for you!

Kirsten said...

No Sleep? Too much talking?? Like Grandfather, like father, like son! :)