Friday, April 15, 2011

The twins are 4

The twins turned 4 this year and it has been an exciting time for them. Not only did they move to 2 different states, they were reunited with their Dad, got their own rooms back, and had a birthday 2 weeks before Easter.
For their birthday, we dropped the baby off at a babysitters and went to the mall for some girl shopping time. We went to Target where the girls got to buy their choice of a toy, just our luck to have summer toys out. The girls both chose orange flower spray bottles that they have had hours of fun water time. They also got to choose their own bag of candy, Evelyn got wrapped chocolate eggs, and MyraJean got unwrapped chocolate eggs. Funny how similar yet different both girls are.
While we were at the Mall the girls stopped to visit the Easter bunny. They talked and laughed about the large bunny suit and told Him not to forget to visit our new house. You can see Evie in her favorite shirt (would she wear anything else on her birthday) and MyraJean pretty in pink.

The girls wanted chocolate cupcakes and had been planning on them for months, reminding me every few days that on their birthday it was to be chocolate with sprinkled frosting. So that is what we had. They were pretty funny about wanting the same thing but knowing which half eaten cupcake was their own the next day. Birthdays would not be complete with out presents and presents they got. They got lots of clothes, Barbie Princesses with their own Barbie Castle. They also got cards, stickers, some birthday money, and lots of love. All in all, they were very pleased 4 year oldFor their birthday dinner we convinced them that we could go out to dinner. Chevy's has half priced appetizers until 7 and so we took advantage of the cheaper food. The kids loved it, and were so well behaved. They had crayons and paper to draw with, balls of tortilla dough to play with similar to play dough, and ate enough chips and salsa to not need actual food. I was so pleased to say there were no meltdowns, no orneriness, and no tears for over 2 hours. Clif and I were able to enjoy the evening with the kids.

The staff also brought out ice cream Sundays for the girls and cones for the rest of the family. It was a really nice time.

I can't believe how fast the last 4 years have flown. Evelyn is still a little more quiet than her sister, plays in the dirt, and enjoys playing with her siblings. She likes her routines and her family all together, sitting and drawing, working on her letters, and doing puzzles. She amazes me all the time with her smarts and her dazzling smile. We are so lucky to have her in our family

MyraJean is just a happy go lucky chatter box. She loves to tell you all about her days and her adventures. She is very into princesses, pink, and all things girly and will waste the days singing and pretending. She is very sensitive to her and her family needs and is a wonderful addition to her family. She will love anyone and everyone and is so willing to do all that is asked of her.

We love our twins.


Haylee said... grown up! Hope you guys are settling in well in your new home.

fcharrington said...

Super cute! Did you notice that Easter Bunny is super creepy, though? lol