Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Easter


The Easter bunny came and pooped Easter eggs all over the house. There were wonderful eggs to find, baskets to go through, and cute bags holding treasures for the kids.

Here are the kids smiling for the camera in front of their Easter baskets and bags.

MyraJean was on the hunt for Easter Eggs. She was following the trail from her basket to her special eggs. Each of the kids were left a cadburry egg and a kinder egg to keep. It was a fun tradition from Clif and the kids really seemed to love it.

My Mom sent some baskets and bags for the kids. These are the ears each of the kids got. MyraJean looks a little possessed but it is all in good fun of getting and eating candy right?

Here is Liam with a couple of eggs that he found. I think these are some of the ones that he dyed himself. He had a lot of fun dying the eggs and coloring them to make fun designs. Clif really seemed to love showing the kids how to color them with crayons and then dying them to make them extra special.

Here is Evelyn with 3 eggs. She had fun just collecting the eggs.

All in all, it was a great day. The kids got new Easter clothes and loved wearing them to church on Sunday. I don't have a good picture since we were running behind, it was a great day though.

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Rebekah said...

the good thing about cameras is you can dress them all up this Sunday, take a picture, and tell us all it was Easter, and no-one will ever know.