Thursday, June 30, 2011


When we were here as little kids, my family lived in Manteca which is about 15 minutes from our current house. I have a lot of memories here since this is where we lived until I was ten. The neighborhood looked the same and I could pick out some of the houses I visited. We would walk to school from our house too and so it was fun to see the places I remember so well.
This is the house we lived in. They have painted it and replaced the windows. My mom had strawberries in the front and they put grass there instead. I still remembered a lot though. This is the first house I had my own room, the first house I remember, and I was really nostalgic after seeing the house and neighborhood.

The parking lot is new here. This used to be where we played on the playground. The older buildings in the back are the same that I went to school in.
Liam climbing the ropes at the park. I think he is learning so he can do it when he joins the local pirates.Our family on the picnic at Shasta park. My Dad used to golf on this park and we would play all the time here. I really loved seeing it again.
More of the old school. I still have my brothers shirt that says Shasta Hornets and they haven't changed the school mascot.

The girls and Clif on the play area, these are all really new. It was a great park though.

Delsa - 4 weeks

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New times

Our street had a block party. Eveyone had a great day. There was lots of food, games, and water slides. How fun for everyone.

Evie with a huge grin on her face

MyraJean and her slide grin. So cute

Wall stickers that the girls loved and my mom was nice enough to give the girls. They still play with them.

Adele and her new creative outlet. I am going to scrub the skin right off of that girl.

Fun times

While my Mom was here we played dress up and pretended to be pirates, princesses and moms.

Liam in his Super Liam cape and pirate gear. Yes, he wears them all the time.

The twins painting their Popsicle stick creations. Aren't they so cute?

Liam and MyraJean in the background at the park. There is a nice park nearby where the creators added a dinosaur bone discovery area, a boat and lots of room to run. My kids really like the park.
I know they have funny looks on their faces but I really thought they were so cutely dressed I had to take a picture.

This is the first stage of the paper mache. The kids loved it and my mom was so good with them all. I really thought the kids were in heaven.

This is them painting their paper mache bowls. They loved their bowls and also made turtles and caterpillars for their dad for fathers day. Happy Fathers day to Clif!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Delsa is here.

Right after Liam's graduation I was having contractions on and off. I went to the hospital at 8 Friday night and Delsa was born 4 am on Saturday morning. She weighted 7 lb 7 oz, and was 19 3/4 inches long. She has light hair that looks almost red in the light. We hope that it continues to be red.

End of year.

Liam graduated from Kindergarten two weeks ago. It was a big day for the whole family. He sang 3 songs and performed a small poem with the other children in his class. He was extermely thrilled and waved the whole time his class was perfoming.

Liam also had his training wheels taken off. Here he is zooming around the backyard. He is a speed demon.

Here is his certificate of Kindergarten completion and his book that he got with the class.

Liam and his 3rd Kindergarten teacher this year, Ms. Squires.

There was a fun party for all the kids after the program. I actually got all four kids in one picture. It was such a fun time and the kids were so well behaved the whole time.