Thursday, June 30, 2011


When we were here as little kids, my family lived in Manteca which is about 15 minutes from our current house. I have a lot of memories here since this is where we lived until I was ten. The neighborhood looked the same and I could pick out some of the houses I visited. We would walk to school from our house too and so it was fun to see the places I remember so well.
This is the house we lived in. They have painted it and replaced the windows. My mom had strawberries in the front and they put grass there instead. I still remembered a lot though. This is the first house I had my own room, the first house I remember, and I was really nostalgic after seeing the house and neighborhood.

The parking lot is new here. This used to be where we played on the playground. The older buildings in the back are the same that I went to school in.
Liam climbing the ropes at the park. I think he is learning so he can do it when he joins the local pirates.Our family on the picnic at Shasta park. My Dad used to golf on this park and we would play all the time here. I really loved seeing it again.
More of the old school. I still have my brothers shirt that says Shasta Hornets and they haven't changed the school mascot.

The girls and Clif on the play area, these are all really new. It was a great park though.

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Cyn said...

LOVE those cute little plates!! So glad you had a great visit!