Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crab cove with five kids

On Friday we took Clif to work and then took the kids all over Oakland, Alameda, and Berkley. Since the day starts for Clif at 7 am, we had to kill time. So we went to McDonald's for breakfast with every homeless man in Oakland. The kids were so thrilled to have sausage sandwiches and to be able to get out for breakfast. They were so well behaved and I felt like it was such a succes.

They were so good. They sat at the table and since there wasn't a play area they were fine with just eating and talking to each other. They were so grown up.

Here are the girls at the Temple. The fog had not burned off and so we headed to visit the temple grounds. The Oakland Temple was closed to patrons so I didn't worry about my kids bothering people as they went about their business. The kids ran around the grounds and while I tried to feed the baby, they were bouncing off the walls.

After a while of visiting the grounds, the kids and I went into the visitor center. Liam hammed up the cute British Sister Missionary. She was telling him how to say his prayers. He looked at her and said a little astonished "We already do that every night". Like, hello doesn't everyone? She was also talking about Jesus resurrection and was using words like he woke up, which was confusing Liam. He turned to me quizzically and I said what happened to Jesus after he died? Liam replied "He was resurrected". Things are really sinking in.
After the temple we went to Crab cove. The kids had so much fun. They got fried but they had so much fun looking for crabs, and playing in the sand and water.

This is Delsa in her beach bum outfit. It was awesome.
A pretty picture of Adele. It took forever for us to get a good picture of her.

Liam and Evelyn with a dead crab. It stayed at the beach... thank goodness. The last one that came home was rotting and smelled up the whole backyard. Pleased to say I learned from that.

After the beach we had a picnic at the park. The kids are enjoying their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They also got juice boxes... they had a lovely time.

We took the long way home and went to Rohnert Park where my cousin Heather and Jared live. We got to play with their kids, visit and eat pizza. It was a lovely time. Their 10 year old, Maggie was such a doll and played dress up with the kids. Here is Liam in a dress with a wand... Cute girl if you ask me.

Myra Jean with the hat from Spain.

This is beautiful Maggie with Delsa. She was so great. I love that family.

It was a great but LONG day. The kids were so well behaved that it would be fun to do it again.


Cyn said...

You survived AND had a great time! Looks like fun!

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