Friday, August 19, 2011

Another year of Kindergarten

Liam started Kindergarten again. I am very pleased. I wanted him to have another year since we moved into 3 different classes last year. Hopefully, this year will be a little more stable for everyone. He is very excited to be back in school much like the rest of the family. The whole family needed a little more structure than what summer brings the family.

This is his friend Sabreen from down the street. She is also in his class. He wants to play with her every day when he gets home. Unfortunately there is more to life than just play dates.

Liam has a friend, Maya, that has this rad car. The girls wouldn't get back into the car after seeing what Liam got to play with for the afternoon. It was crazy trying to herd the kids back into the car so all I could do was take a picture. Yes, as you guessed, Liam wants to play with her all the time.

Here is Liam outside our house on the first day of school. He really was excited. Now, we need him to stop being so social and learn a little more. He sure takes after him mom. He thinks school is total social hour. He is very excited and it is so much fun to see him so excited about being in school again.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baby Blessing

When Clif and I went to Seattle to help my parents and visit with friends, we also blessed the baby. I was able to use my baby blessing dress and my mom was amazing and replaced the lace. She had to hand stitch some of it so it was a real honor to have my mom let me use my old dress. It brought sweet memories of me being able to use my Mom's wedding dress too. I am so blessed with my family. Here is Delsa. She is so calm and sweet most of the time. There is a hint of red head temper... fun times ahead.
Pretty, isn't she?