Sunday, November 13, 2011


When I was in grade school in California I remember having a Halloween parade. Liam got to experience one this year. He wore his Storm Trooper costume to school and then they had a parade and a party in his class. He had a great day and it was super fun.
Liam was so excited to see me. He said "Mom, you surprised me and came." Like I have ever missed something that he participated. Funny kid.

Here is Liam at his table in class. He is sitting next to his friend from the neighborhood. He was so excited to see that we came to visit him.
Liam posing with is guns. He must have been practicing for his trick or treating attitude.

Here is all the kids on the way out to trick or treat. We had Evelyn: the pirate, MyraJean: the cowgirl, Liam: the Storm Trooper, and Adele: the Princess Fairy. They had a great time around the neighborhood trick or treating and it was a good night for the family.


Cyn said...

They look adorable! I just love Adele's expression!

Rebekah said...