Friday, December 30, 2011


Christmas was great for my family this year. Santa was able to bring 2 twenty inch bikes, one for Liam and one for Evelyn. MyraJean got new rollerskates that she has been itching and asking for all year long. Adele got her wish and recieved tons of new playdough and a playdough cake maker and icecream maker. She loves to be crafty and Santa knew exactly what each child wanted the most. It was awesome to behold the happy faces.

The kids also got a huge amount of presents from the rest of the family. Liam got a light saber and a magnet fighting game. The twins got some games, some cards, a card board play house, and some new polly pockets. Adele got a new puppy that has babies in her belly, a new game, some magnetic dolls and clothes, some polly pockets too.
MyraJean with her new rollerskates. They are adjustable and so she can learn on them and then when she gets faster she can make them bigger for herself.

Look at that face of happyness. I love this picture. She was so thrilled to have new playdough, she is always wanting to play with it.

Liam and his new bike and his beloved Star Wars Lego set. He got two sets. One with most of the characters and one with good guys and bad guys. I really don't know what he got exactly but if you are interested in knowing, please call him and he will tell you exactly what he got.

Evelyn and her new bike. In case you are wondering she is riding a 20 inch bike like Liam. She is amazingly tall for her sibblings and she is so athletic. Ev takes after her dad much more than me. Although I do have lots of fond memories of riding my bike and my scooter as a child.

Clif made Adele a bean bag toss and I made bean bags for it. It turned out so cute. She loves pink and cats and so Clif created this especially for her. It is fabulous, don't you think?

Clif and I also got some good stuff. I got a meal saver. It is so great. I am always looking for ways to be prepared so it is really a great gift. Clifs mom gave us a new proclamation to the family but in a book form and it has all kinds of family pictures in it. It was a truly memorable Christmas.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

So Clif and I were fortunate to have my cousin Jared and his family come for Christmas Eve this year. It was so much fun and we loved it. Jared and Heather have such a wonderful family and it is truly great to be apart of their family. They have a great daughter, Maggie and a son around Liam's age, Rowan. They are some of the sweetest kids I have met and they spread their love to my kids. The evening was spent decorating cookies for Santa, cooking clam chowder, and eating pies and cheese balls. Maggie made the kids all bracelets to wear, Liam put his on his backpack. Heather gave the kids all pajamas to open that night. It was like they lived at our house all year long, they brought the kids exactly the right jammies. Liam got a star wars pair, the twins got similar frog pairs, and Adele got a Tinkerbell. To end the night, we had a Christmas story. It was so relaxing and so special Clif and I really enjoyed being together with this wonderful family.

We love you all.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Star Wars invaded

So it is all about Star wars. The pirates have boarded thier ship and sailed off into the distant sun. The clone wars and Anikon, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker have joined our household. Liam can talk of nothing else, watches the movies religiously, and rights all the invaders (invisible or not) that are in our neighborhood. I am so glad to have such an imaginative and loving son, but really? Star Wars? I never was interested in those movies, ever. I guess it skips a generation. Still it is so cute for him to explain in excruciating detail about all the characters and the plots. If he would just use that momentum in the classroom, sigh.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Adele is 3!

So Adele turned 3 on the 14th. It wasn't a day too soon, she has been going on 3 for almost 2 years. She is such a love able little munchkin but boy do I have my work cut for me. I have never seen a little one that can whine and smile at the same time but she can. She is all about kitties and the color pink.
Adele has adopted every cat in the neighborhood and is constantly trying to take her pink and green kitties with her no matter where she goes. She is also my pink girl, I have never had a daughter that obsesses over a color, until Adele. She made her grandmother make her a blanket like her siblings but was pink. I so want to laugh and cry pretty much all the time with her.

She wanted hot dog casserole for dinner. So that is what we had. It was a great dinner for a three year old.

Chocolate cupcakes with hot pink frosting. Cute huh! Slightly nauseating to look at but they tasted great.
So cute

So Adele had a great birthday. She got some polly pockets, some money, a bowling game, a lite bright, a princess, and a dora doll. She loves it all and thinks she is a princess. We don't have the guts to tell her otherwise. So I guess she is a princess after all. We love her dearly though. Happy birthday to our baby.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dad visit and Christmas concert

My Dad had to come to San Fransisco to work and so we got to see him and have him here for a few days. We loved having him, my kids talked of nothing else for weeks.
He got here on Sunday and we had ham and potatoes. It was really nice to have family here for a semi fancy dinner. We then played games and chatted for the evening. Liam still had school on Monday so we didn't stay up late. My dad wasn't able to stay long but we loved having him and cherished the time spent. I got some good pictures though.On Wednesday, Liam had his Christmas concert. He looked so cute all dressed up with his classmates for his concert. I know he has been looking forward to it since he spent most of the weeks before teaching the girls the songs that he learned. He is the little one in the left corner. I was so excited to see him there.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

I love these pictures. Every year, I look forward to Christmas and decorating. I think it is more than just the changes in the seasons. It is remembering all the wonderful Christmas's of past. I love the lights and the smells. The holidays bring such a sense of peace and of being together as a family. Clif and I have such wonderful families that have given us great memories. For Clif, it is the candy making and the snow sports with his siblings. For me, it is cooking with my Mom and sister, now sisters in law. Going to the hobby store with my Dad so he can buy copper pipe to make my mom a milk steamer. These are the memories that I love best.

One constant for me is the decorating the tree and house for the holidays. My Mom always made the house seem like a Winter Wonderland inside and out. The tree was always a brilliant lighted tree and the house had garland and seasonal trinkets, My writing does not do my memories justice. I wish I could take a picture of my minds memories so that it would convey the wonderful Christmas holiday spirit.

At our house, Clif is great at getting the outside lights up and allows me to get the inside decorated too. We love to bring the spirit of Christ into our house. For those that are not religious it is more than a Christian holiday, it is a holiday to celebrate the gift of life and love bestowed to all. I am just amazed of the sweet spirit of the season. My children may not realise what the season brings but they crave it too, otherwise it would be more about presents and less about the giving and the holiday experiences. My kids love to drive and look at the lights, see the temples, and to tell stories about Jesus.

We hope all have a great holiday season. Love to all.