Saturday, December 17, 2011

Adele is 3!

So Adele turned 3 on the 14th. It wasn't a day too soon, she has been going on 3 for almost 2 years. She is such a love able little munchkin but boy do I have my work cut for me. I have never seen a little one that can whine and smile at the same time but she can. She is all about kitties and the color pink.
Adele has adopted every cat in the neighborhood and is constantly trying to take her pink and green kitties with her no matter where she goes. She is also my pink girl, I have never had a daughter that obsesses over a color, until Adele. She made her grandmother make her a blanket like her siblings but was pink. I so want to laugh and cry pretty much all the time with her.

She wanted hot dog casserole for dinner. So that is what we had. It was a great dinner for a three year old.

Chocolate cupcakes with hot pink frosting. Cute huh! Slightly nauseating to look at but they tasted great.
So cute

So Adele had a great birthday. She got some polly pockets, some money, a bowling game, a lite bright, a princess, and a dora doll. She loves it all and thinks she is a princess. We don't have the guts to tell her otherwise. So I guess she is a princess after all. We love her dearly though. Happy birthday to our baby.

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