Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dad visit and Christmas concert

My Dad had to come to San Fransisco to work and so we got to see him and have him here for a few days. We loved having him, my kids talked of nothing else for weeks.
He got here on Sunday and we had ham and potatoes. It was really nice to have family here for a semi fancy dinner. We then played games and chatted for the evening. Liam still had school on Monday so we didn't stay up late. My dad wasn't able to stay long but we loved having him and cherished the time spent. I got some good pictures though.On Wednesday, Liam had his Christmas concert. He looked so cute all dressed up with his classmates for his concert. I know he has been looking forward to it since he spent most of the weeks before teaching the girls the songs that he learned. He is the little one in the left corner. I was so excited to see him there.

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Cyn said...

I didn't realize you're dad made a visit. So exciting!!