Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

So Clif and I were fortunate to have my cousin Jared and his family come for Christmas Eve this year. It was so much fun and we loved it. Jared and Heather have such a wonderful family and it is truly great to be apart of their family. They have a great daughter, Maggie and a son around Liam's age, Rowan. They are some of the sweetest kids I have met and they spread their love to my kids. The evening was spent decorating cookies for Santa, cooking clam chowder, and eating pies and cheese balls. Maggie made the kids all bracelets to wear, Liam put his on his backpack. Heather gave the kids all pajamas to open that night. It was like they lived at our house all year long, they brought the kids exactly the right jammies. Liam got a star wars pair, the twins got similar frog pairs, and Adele got a Tinkerbell. To end the night, we had a Christmas story. It was so relaxing and so special Clif and I really enjoyed being together with this wonderful family.

We love you all.

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