Friday, December 30, 2011


Christmas was great for my family this year. Santa was able to bring 2 twenty inch bikes, one for Liam and one for Evelyn. MyraJean got new rollerskates that she has been itching and asking for all year long. Adele got her wish and recieved tons of new playdough and a playdough cake maker and icecream maker. She loves to be crafty and Santa knew exactly what each child wanted the most. It was awesome to behold the happy faces.

The kids also got a huge amount of presents from the rest of the family. Liam got a light saber and a magnet fighting game. The twins got some games, some cards, a card board play house, and some new polly pockets. Adele got a new puppy that has babies in her belly, a new game, some magnetic dolls and clothes, some polly pockets too.
MyraJean with her new rollerskates. They are adjustable and so she can learn on them and then when she gets faster she can make them bigger for herself.

Look at that face of happyness. I love this picture. She was so thrilled to have new playdough, she is always wanting to play with it.

Liam and his new bike and his beloved Star Wars Lego set. He got two sets. One with most of the characters and one with good guys and bad guys. I really don't know what he got exactly but if you are interested in knowing, please call him and he will tell you exactly what he got.

Evelyn and her new bike. In case you are wondering she is riding a 20 inch bike like Liam. She is amazingly tall for her sibblings and she is so athletic. Ev takes after her dad much more than me. Although I do have lots of fond memories of riding my bike and my scooter as a child.

Clif made Adele a bean bag toss and I made bean bags for it. It turned out so cute. She loves pink and cats and so Clif created this especially for her. It is fabulous, don't you think?

Clif and I also got some good stuff. I got a meal saver. It is so great. I am always looking for ways to be prepared so it is really a great gift. Clifs mom gave us a new proclamation to the family but in a book form and it has all kinds of family pictures in it. It was a truly memorable Christmas.

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