Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Extended Vacations

I got pulled over for chatting on my phone in the Target parking lot on Monday last week. I was pretty upset but understood that it was my fault. I pulled over in the back of the parking lot and told the cop that I knew I wasn't supposed to be talking on my phone. I handed my licence to the cop and he turned to go and then I heard a "Hello" from the back seat.

MyraJean and Evelyn had gotten out of their seats and were hanging out of the window talking to the cop. He kindly told them to get back in their seats. I begged them to get back in their seats and by this time was totally panicked because all I could think of was the amount of money that talking on my phone, plus 2 kids out of their seat belts was going to cost. I admit, I was crying by this point. The cop was so sweet and asked if the others were buckled in and I said yes. He checked and talked to the girls about getting in their seats, handed back my licence and registration. He then told me to stay off the phone and told the girls to stay in their seats. I think he was very sorry for me to be honest.

A few days later, the girls were out of their seats. I asked them what the cop said to them. Evelyn said that the cop told her I would be in so much trouble if they were out of their seats. Evelyn then said " Would the cops take you away?

I said "Yes, I would go to jail and they would go live somewhere else."

Evie asked "Would we go live with Mrs. Bates?" "No", I said "you both would go to live with Mimi or Aunt Sumer and I would be sad".

Evie said "Well we would get to play with Pearson and Linnea".

Sadly, they are planning on living with Sumer since they still are getting out of their seats. Sad....

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