Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

I love these pictures. Every year, I look forward to Christmas and decorating. I think it is more than just the changes in the seasons. It is remembering all the wonderful Christmas's of past. I love the lights and the smells. The holidays bring such a sense of peace and of being together as a family. Clif and I have such wonderful families that have given us great memories. For Clif, it is the candy making and the snow sports with his siblings. For me, it is cooking with my Mom and sister, now sisters in law. Going to the hobby store with my Dad so he can buy copper pipe to make my mom a milk steamer. These are the memories that I love best.

One constant for me is the decorating the tree and house for the holidays. My Mom always made the house seem like a Winter Wonderland inside and out. The tree was always a brilliant lighted tree and the house had garland and seasonal trinkets, My writing does not do my memories justice. I wish I could take a picture of my minds memories so that it would convey the wonderful Christmas holiday spirit.

At our house, Clif is great at getting the outside lights up and allows me to get the inside decorated too. We love to bring the spirit of Christ into our house. For those that are not religious it is more than a Christian holiday, it is a holiday to celebrate the gift of life and love bestowed to all. I am just amazed of the sweet spirit of the season. My children may not realise what the season brings but they crave it too, otherwise it would be more about presents and less about the giving and the holiday experiences. My kids love to drive and look at the lights, see the temples, and to tell stories about Jesus.

We hope all have a great holiday season. Love to all.

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