Wednesday, February 15, 2012

House slave for anyone?

I felt accomplished today. I was able to shower, feed, and get all 5 kids out of the house at 750 this morning. Came home fed the baby, cleaned up breakfast, did my hair (I even blow dried it), and got the 4 girls to speech before 9. Came home put baby to sleep, ran 4 batches of laundry, baked 4 loaves of bread, and preserved 10 qt of lemons. Ran and got Liam from school, made lunch, cleaned up lunch, folded laundry and put it away. All I had left was to take the garbage bag out to the outside bin. I asked Liam to do it and he said "Huh, When do I get a break?"....... I am sure this will be funny in the coming years, not so much now.

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Naomi said...

Just reading this post made me exhausted!