Monday, February 20, 2012

Late start to the day

Since it is President's Day today, Liam does not have school. But the kids have not grown out of the insane 5:30 am waking up time, so they were up when Clif left for work today. I kept telling them to go back to bed and to be quiet. I gave that up about 6:20 and told them to go watch a show. But the girls kept coming in my room and trying to get me up and to make them breakfast. I just told them to give me 5 minutes, then 5 minutes more... just 5 minutes, please! By 7:30 the girls had just about had it with me and told me to get out of bed. MyraJean was persistent. "Mom, the sun has already come up, you are sleeping the day away!"

Revenge is going to be sweet when they are teenagers and it is time for Saturday chore time. May I add that breakfast was done before 8 am this morning.

Since I was "dragging" according to my children, I stopped at McD's for a $1 diet coke. I got it and as I was driving away, Evelyn said "Mom, your diet coke smells like cheese burgers". And it did.


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