Saturday, February 18, 2012

Not green with envy

We made egg salad sandwiches for lunch a couple of Sundays ago. The kids had left over salad a few days later. So the kids are eating and Liam comes running into my room waving his sandwich everywhere. He kept saying how gross it was and dry gagging all over. He shows me his sandwich and since I had over boiled some of the eggs it has caused his salad to go green in a spot from the yolk. I explained that it was fine, that I over boiled some of the yolks and that is what happens to eggs when over boiled. I told him that he needed to eat it. He took a bite, looked at it and then ran to the bathroom to throw up. Yep, he turned green at the THOUGHT that the eggs were bad. To say the least, he didn't finish the sandwich and I was pretty much done with lunch after that.
Oh my heck.....

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