Saturday, February 18, 2012

Perserved life, I mean lemons

Let the sunshine rain through. A little token of how much inspiration I found in doing a little life preservation each day. Sometimes it is the little things that make me appreciate my life.

PS. These are good for a year in the fridge..... just like me.


Rebekah said...


Belkycita said...

is it lemonade?
it looks SO pretty!

Bree said...

Belky, no they are perserved lemons. So it is kosher salt then a layer of quartered lemons repeating the layers. Then you try to mash the lemons to get some juiice out and fill the jar to the top with lemon juice. Leave them out on your counter for 5 days, smashing them down each day. Put them in the fridge after the 5 days and let them cure up to 6 weeks. Then you can use them up to a year. They are used in Mediteranian food, you might find them where your at too. When ever you need one, pull it out of the fridg, scrape the flesh off, and dice up the rind. It is the rind you are brining. I can't wait to use them.