Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentines day

So in interest of Pintrest, I made homemade whoopee pies. Hard, you say? Nope, used a cake box, rolled and cut them out. Then used already made frosting. How cute, huh! Yep, I am pretty crafty these days. Anyhow, joking aside. Valentines day was really fun because of the activities that we did this year. I gotta admit, I am not the best at celebrating the small holidays but because of Pintrest I have seem some really fun crafts that my kids and I can do without me pulling my hair out. So these cookies were inspired by some valentines that I saw and I made it easier.

This is Pintrest activity number 2. I saw these really fun dipped pretzels and because they are the knot shaped ones they almost make a heart after you dip them. So we melted chocolate and then let the kids dip them and lay them into valentine sprinkles. We had left over chocolate so we drizzled the rest of the pretzels with it and they turned out really cute too. It was a really fun time and the mess was pretty minimal. That is a huge selling point for me. I really like crafts but I have a hard time with the mess it seems to always make no matter how careful I am with the prep work.

Another great shot of how we did it. I really had an enjoyable time doing this and that says a lot. We then boxed them up and sent them to both sets of grandparents with homemade valentines. Cute you say? Yep, I outdid my self in cuteness this year. It really was a blast.

The kids making their Valentines for the grandparents. Adele got chocolate all over and so we stripped her shirt off, hence she is naked... again. Don't know where she gets her propensity for nudity, must be from the Koon side of the family.

My Mom, however, is fabulous in sending packages for the holidays. She sent the kids valentine socks, books, and crafts to do. Also there was a little candy. It was my kind of package.

Here are some of the kids decorating the windows with the gel stickers. These are my favorite kind of stickers and I really dislike stickers most of the time so that says a lot.

I hope that everyone had a great time this Valentines day. There is a lot of love in this family and we love to share it with others. I hope that everyone feels love from those that they are close to. Happy Valentines day to all.

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Rebekah said...

You are a good mom.