Sunday, March 18, 2012

Clif parks like a girl

We were coming home from taking Liam to school on Thursday. Evelyn must have seen a truck on the way home and this was the ensuing conversation.
Evelyn "Mom, all grandpas drive trucks." (My dad is Pop and they are excluded from this rule)
Mom "They do, I didn't know that."
Evelyn "Yep and Dad is almost a grandpa and needs to drive a truck. Then he can park like a boy.

I didn't know that Clif did anything like a girl but I guess he parks like a girl. Liam thinks if Clif gets his truck from his parents he will be able to park like a man.... Poor Clif, he drives like a grandpa but parks like a girl. Funny what you can read into that statement.Then to drive the point in farther. Liam told Clif "Don't shave off all the whiskers. They make you look like a real man." He was definitely implying that on a normal occasion Clif wasn't a real man.

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Kirsten said...

That's funny!! Hey Clif, I'll teach you how to drive! And by they way, I personally for one, think "real men" look better clean shaven. :) Just sayin...