Monday, March 26, 2012

Kiddos funnies

Overheard from the front seat of the van.
Evelyn "Why can't we walk to school to pick Liam up?"
MyraJean "Because SOMEONE walked into the street the last time we picked Liam up.... Adele!" (She looked at Adele with a very accusing face) She is right too, the last time we tried to pick him up Adele ran into the street while I was talking to a friend. That was the last time we tried that.

Evelyn burst into the bathroom while I was taking a bath and said "Mom, I like cars and Star wars and poly pockets. That means I am cool." Then she left.
Adele came in the same way right after and said "Mom, I like Star Wars and kitty cats and that means I am a big boy." We haven't convinced her that she is a big girl, she keeps correcting us and says No girl, Me big BOY!"

Liam is very interested in the mechanics of how the seat belt works. The plastic vs. the metal confuses him since he doesn't realise how the two works together. I was in the middle of trying to explain it to him and he interrupted me "Mom, excuse me, I don't mean to interrupt but; your gas light is on. I already knew it but it obviously bothered Liam that I hadn't gotten gas.

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Rebekah said...

Kids are so funny. Sadly, mine are growing out of that stage. They aren't funny anymore... at all!