Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh my heck, Liam is in so much trouble

Liam brought home a darn Leprechaun. The leprechauns showed up into Liams class and one must have hitchhiked home in his backpack. I didn't even see it when I emptied his folder out.
The sneaky wee booger turned the pancakes green and the dish water green. I told the kids that if they caught the Leprechaun that I would punish it for peeing in my food to make it green. Liam is our resident Leprechaun expert and informed me that it wasn't pee, it was special Leprechaun magic. We had a fun filled green day though.
We had shepherd pie, steamed cabbage, and Irish soda bread for dinner. I thought it tasted wonderful and very Irish indeed. I love the small things that make everyday special.
I thought we had scared the pesky Leprechaun home. I was mistaken. Clif made brownies and the little green devil stole into the fridge and used it's magic to turn the frosting green too. I have lectured Liam extensively about how we don't invite strangers home and what the consequences are if we let strangers into the house uninvited. Hopefully he has learned his lesson.Can I just say, my family is so funny!!!

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Rebekah said...

You are a good mom!