Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

 This year Easter was quite the ambitious occasion.  To get ready for it, I did some new projects. Instead of boiling all the eggs, I decided to do some jello eggs. I "blew out" the eggs first, dyied them, and then sucked in warm jello. It was pretty fun and really kind of neat to see the kids with jello eggs. I also made chocolate bowls for the Easter bunny to fill. I know it seems like a lot of useless ideas, but it was really pretty fun to try new things to make Easter a little more exciting.
Our playgroup did an Easter egg hunt. This is all the kids ready to go on the hunt. Liam is standing next to his best friend Michael. It was a great idea and the kids had so much fun.
Our psudo family the Combers invited us to dinner for Easter. The Comber girls are about my age and have kids around the age of my kids. Maya and Liam had celebrated his birthday together last year. This year, we were so excited to spend it with thier family. After a fabulous dinner, we let the kids dye eggs and decorate them. I thought I needed to bring eggs, they were all laughing at me because I boiled 18 eggs and they thought I over did it. We didn't waste any eggs, they all got eaten one way or another. Boy there they covered in dye and just had a ball together. In the picture, there are my kids and Maya and Regan. We outnumbered them by twice.

 Don't you love the expression on her face? Lots of candy and a bubble gun. She was pretty excited.
 The twins are pretty funny. They both got a crafty item. Evelyn, a rubber ball making kit, and MyraJean a art spinner. They seemed to be really excited about them.

 Do I need to say how cute?
Here are the kids hunting for Easter eggs that afternoon. It was a full two days of Easter egg magic. They had so much fun doing all the traditional things. I was pretty tired after it all

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