Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I am totally going to home school my kids

This year I had to register the girls for kindergarten. I was pretty excited too, next year I am getting 3 hours with only 2 kids at home. What more could I ask for? Less bureaucracy. Oh my heck registering my kids made me want to home school my kids, and I totally don't agree with home schooling. Like I need more work in my life
So I see the women in the office every Wednesday when I take Evelyn to speech. The ladies in the office made a point to let me know that I needed to have the girls registration papers done by Monday. It seemed to me that I needed to get the paperwork in before Monday, that would make sense right? So Friday I have got everything together and filled out all the papers, got girls all ready for school, and took Liam to school. He has to be there at 8 so you can imagine the running around my house to get everyone public ready before 8. So we got to the school, I unload all 5 kids, send Liam to his class and walk into the office with all 4 girls. All 4 girls 5 years old and younger...
I tell them I want to turn the girls Kindergarten registration in and they say "Not until Monday". I can't turn it in, I can't make the copies I need, they won't let me leave the paperwork there. I ask how do I get the girls into the same class, and they say "Write it on the top". Well there isn't a place for it at the top and so I hot foot it into Liam's class to ask his teacher what I should do. She tells me that there is a sheet that the office will give out if you ask for it that allows me to make special requests like putting the girls into the same class. So I turn around with all 4 girls and walk back into the office and ask for the sheet. "You mean this sheet?" the lady asks picking up an entire stack of copies lying on the counter. Yep... I don't trust myself to say any more to this woman. I collect all 4 girls and stalk back to the car thinking it is easier to just forget about Kindergarten at this point.
Sunday I fill out the additional paper, double check if I have everything together, and think "It will be easy tomorrow". So Monday, I go through the same thing again. I make sure everyone has hair combed (even bows), shoes on both feet, and all the paperwork together and off we go. We get to the office. I try to turn it in but I can't because registration starts on Monday at 8. So I got to take my 4 girls and wait until 8 to turn my paperwork in. I ask the office lady if I can make my copies and she tells me no. So I keep waiting for the next 7 minutes until 8. During the 7 minutes, Adele announces she has to go to the bathroom. I ask Evelyn to take her and she agrees. Remember, we know where the bathroom is already since we come every week to the office. After a few minutes I hear wailing from the bathroom. The principle rushes out and asks me "Are those your children in the bathroom screaming? Do they know how to use the potty?" I tell her "Yes, those are my kids and yes they know how to use a bathroom." I go open the room and Evelyn is leaving and Adele is withering on the floor screaming that Evelyn FLUSHED the toilet. Yep.... So I return to the bench with the 4 girls and let Delsa crawl on the floor. Now I know there are those that would let their kids go everywhere. I am not one of those. I let Delsa crawl about 10 feet down a hall in front of the principle office and she is sitting there. She is not crawling, crying, screaming, playing, puking, or dying. She is sitting nicely by the principle's office. The principle comes out of the office, stalks up to me and says "I need you to watch your children" "She is fine" I say. The principle more forcefully says "I need you to WATCH YOUR OWN children, please get her". I tell Evelyn to pick her up and then I scowl at the whole office as I make sure I am watching my kids.
 By this time there is a whole line of women waiting for registration papers in and they have handed out sticky notes out with the number in line we are. I am 4. After 3 is done, 5 steps up to say she will go since 4 is not there. I quickly and loudly announce my presence and go to turn my paperwork in. "Do you have copies already made?" the registration lady asks. "No" I say, but what I really want to say is "Do you think I would have asked to make my copies earlier if I already had them made? Remember I have to have 2 copies of everything since I am enrolling the twins into school.
She goes through all of MyraJean and by this time I see Adele start to run down the hallway and Evelyn chase her. I leave the registration lady, grab Adele and tell her to sit right next to me by the counter. When she doesn't listen and everyone has stopped what their doing to watch me with my kids, I say in my growly mean voice and point to the floor "SIT". Adele knows I am mad enough to do something about her disobedience and sits with a pained look on her face. I imagine the other women are thinking that I talk to my kids like they are dogs, which at this point would be an accurate description of how I was talking to them. I finish Evelyn's paperwork and gather my kids to go home. As we walk out the door, one of the kids ask "Do we get a treat now?" Hmmm, NOOOOO, but I need a large Diet Coke! I don't know how the school could have made it any more crazy but I am sure after watching me with my 4 kids waiting 20 minutes to register my kids for kindergarten I have straightened out anyone thinking of having more than 1 kid.

But I will think twice before I register another kid for school.


Haylee said...

Oh man...I feel your pain...and I've only dealt with two at a time so I can't even imagine four! Just think...next time it will be easier! (hopefully lol)The schools here just switched to online registration. I still had to go into school in person, but only to show proof of residency; the rest was online and SO much easier. Maybe you'll luck out and have that option next year. Can't believe the girls are old enough for kindy!

Belkycita said...

We are doing both, homeschooling and regular school.
For the one that goes to school, the Registrar has lost our application 4 times!!!!
for the one that stays at home, I have lost some of my papers.

I don't think we win. I vote for no schooling at all, the first 4 years the girls were sweet and learned a lot at home by being with me and friends now it's another game.

Summer can't get here soon enough

Sarah said...

Sounds like a nightmare!! I haven't even registered Quinn because I didn't want to haul all four of my kids and wait in line on a Saturday. Secret: you can register your kids any time! I didn't register Haydan for kindergarten until August. But I probably should try to make it to the school sometime next week while I'm thinking about it...