Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Twins turned 5

 The girls turned 5 this year. They were so excited since this year they got to have their first friend party. It was such an affair. The kids did shaving creme painting and decorated their own cupcakes. They had so much fun and we had 7 families show up. Their primary teacher and their Grandma Marsha and Aunt Mo were so kind to come. I was so pleased. The girls had such a fun time but exhausting too.
First, the girls got to watch a show while they ate their waffles for breakfast. Then when their dad got home from the Father Son camp out, they got to go to the store with him and out for a birthday lunch. Then there was their party, and then finally their birthday dinner. They were so wiped out that they had to open their birthday presents from family on Sunday.
Boy, I wish I got to be 5 again. The girls got lots of summer fun. From their friends they got water shoes, sunscreen, bucket and shovel, and bubbles. We all thought it was funny since MyraJean pulled the sunscreen tube out and looked at me confused. I told her it was her own bottle of sunscreen and she squealed "I have always wanted my very own sunscreen". I think she was just thrilled not to be reliant on me to keep her from getting burned. It was so funny though.
They got littlest pet shop toys, lots of my little ponies, and lots of outside toys. It was crazy, I forget how much little kids get for their birthdays. It was so fun though, and I don't know whether they liked the party or the toys more, it probably a toss up. But boy was it a day to remember.
 This is the cupcakes all the kids got to decorate. The girls got chocolate with chocolate frosting. Not a lot has changed in the 5 years they have been on the earth.

 Opening Evelyn's presents. She had such a long day that right after this picture, she melted down. It was sad...
 MyraJean opening the famous sunscreen bottle
 MyraJean got a new bike since she got skates for Christmas.
 Evelyn got a new set of skates. I was the crazy Mom and accidentally bought her roller blades. She is already a pro though. I was really surprised and thrilled.
 New sunglasses. I gotta say, since moving to California, the girls always say it is too sunny. So Adele and Liam got the twins sunglasses and some backyard toys. It is going to be a groovy summer.
 My Mom sent them love Monsters and remote control Strawberry shortcake dolls and cars. They loved them! Between that and their birthday money, the girls are in for collecting all the Strawberry shortcake items they can.
It was a great day and a long week. I am so glad that they had so much fun and it was nice to remember why we love them so much. The twins always make my days and nights funnier and more sunny. We love our twins.


Cyn said...

They are looking so grown up! So glad it was a wonderful day for all! Sorry I missed it-next year!

Bree said...

We missed having you too. How was the weekend?