Saturday, July 7, 2012

Liam's birthday

 Liam turned 7 and boy was he waiting for it. He wanted to do things with his dad. ie, play the Star wars Wii. He loves all things Star Wars. The obsession is about making me a little bit crazy. All I ever hear is, Mom, did you know that General Grievese... or Remember when in Star War's III when...
Yes it is about as irritating as the pirate obsession only a little more crazy. So on his birthday he got to play the Wii with his dad. This is one of his favorite things ever.
He got homemade waffles for his breakfast and then opened his presents. He got a very cool remote control car, a star wars encyclepedia, and roller blades. He also got money from his grandma and spent it on a general grievess action figure. Yeah, we seem to be perpetuating the obsession.
 He needed his own roller blades. He has been bugging his sisters and taking them. It only serves him that he gets his own. He is really good and very fast.
 For dinner, Liam wanted to have potato salad, watermelon, and hamburgers. He loved it all. I know that doesn't seem like a great dinner but he loves hamburgers and watermelon and I never buy either. So this was a real treat.

Liam loves chocolate cake. He wanted the cherry Chocolate cake. So that is what we did. It was really good and Liam ate a ton. I think it was a great birthday.

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