Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crab cove take 2

We went to Crab cove to play again. It was so nice. Some girls from the wards got together to let the kids play. It was so much fun to see the kids just play in the water. There were crabs and just so much shallow water that it was super fun.
 Like how the naked baby shines? She seems so white but she is starting to tan like the other kids. Delsa's hair is also still kind of red. It would be fun to have a strawberry blond in the family.
 The twins made lots of sand castles. They just are so good with each other. They are each other best friends and so much fun to be with when they are in such good moods.
Yeah, Liam is so drenched. He just played like crazy.
We ate lunch and spent a very relaxing day at the beach. I wish gas was a little cheaper and we would do it more often. Still super fun for us.

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