Thursday, May 31, 2012

Delsa's birthday

Delsa turned one. She is so cute, but very stoic still. She is quick to smile but very slow to laugh. She does love her sister, Adele, and will play with her almost anytime. They are good buddies. She shares with everyone but also yells the minute she thinks the is being slighted. She won't got down the stairs backward anymore she walks down them. It makes me crazy... yep definitely crazy.
 Instead of doing cake, we decided to make chocolate chip cookies. She had beets, corn, and hot dog casserole for her birthday. She is a great eater, but built like Liam just really small.
 How cute is she. We are watching YouTube video and she loves to listen and watch.

She got clothes, some weeble wobbles, and some Little People. See how intent she is, that is what she is like in everything. She doesn't listen at all to me and smiles and does what ever she wants. The hardest part is when she is climbing. She is so quick and adept to climbing. I have had to move the chairs to keep her off the tables. Crazy.

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