Sunday, August 5, 2012

Liam is broken

Liam broke his arm last Sunday night playing on our Little Tykes play slide. It was pretty horrific. He was jumping off the top of the slide and caught his foot, causing him to fall down. He must have twisted when he landed and spiral broke his ulna and radius. Clif was outside when it happened talking to his mom. He scooped Liam up, put him into the car and immediately drove him to the ER in Tracy. I called our friends and asked them to meet Clif up at the hospital to give Liam a blessing. They did and then came back to help take care of the kids so that I could go to the hospital. It was quite sad when I got there.

I couldn't get Liam to stop crying by making him laugh. He was so hysterical, not crying but he just could not focus about anything except his poor arm. He broke it at 6 and it took them almost until 830 to give him morphine. I was a bit upset about the time it was taking them to take care of him. I left after that, and he was still in pain. It was so sad to see. Clif was with him the whole time, here is what he wrote about it.

Then the worst thing I can imagined going through. I was outside with the kids and in my periphery saw Liam fall of the slide and I heard his bones break. It sounded like two twigs snapping. Then his arm was badly bent. It really is amazing how much they believe. As Liam was lying on the ground directly after the fall, in the middle of his screams he asked to say a prayer. Then again in the car. Then later at the hospital he'd said he wished he could be like Joseph Smith. I asked him why and he said "so I can talk to Heavenly Father in person so he can help me".I am so grateful for Liam. After I carried him into the hospital and eventually laid him on a bed, he asked the nurse if I could just hold him.Scratching his arm with his toe (It itched). Nurse said over and over how smart he was. Related the heart monitor wires to the cables to jump start a car. Asked all sorts of questions of how things worked.
 It was horrible seeing him in pain. But the worst was later. When they went to set it, the doctor gave him something to make him fall mostly asleep. He thought it would make him fall asleep so he wouldn't feel it. But it didn't. She said he's would be mostly asleep and would not remember anything. Then she started to set it. He screamed. He was in so much pain. I held his legs down so he's wouldn't move. He's kept crying and saying "I wasn't asleep yet. I wasn't asleep yet." I hated it. I cried silently as I held him down. I felt as if somehow I betrayed him because he was supposed to be asleep and not feel it and instead he's felt all of it. And it was apparent it hurt worse than when he broke it in the first place.  Then during more x rays to be sure it set right, he apologized to the technician for screaming during three setting. What a beautiful child. I cried again. I felt so bad for him.
When we took him to the Dr.s the next day, they sent us to an Orthopedic Surgeon to reset his arm. It was not properly done and we were very concerned since he broke his dominant arm. So Tuesday we took him to Pleasanton to have it checked out and it was clearly not set. They got him in on Friday, they were able to not open his arm but maneuvered them back into place. They did have to put 3 pins in. They will keep the pins in for 4 weeks and then remove them, He is getting a new cast next week. These pictures are from the hospital when they knocked him out to set his arm and put the pins in. He was super chatty almost bouncing off the table. He did better once they gave him the Versed. He was a trooper. I couldn't keep him in bed at all that day and he is driving his sisters nuts so I guess he is going well.

The nurses gave him a bear with an arm wrapped just like his. He loves it... crazy kid.


Pamela said...

Oh, sweet boy! My heart hurts for him and for you. It's so hard to have your child in such pain and you can't make it all better. Poor lil guy. And what a brave, strong testimony he has!

Jessamyn Thurston said...

Holy cow that looks terrible! Poor little guy. Maybe he'll turn out ambidextrous out of all this. Love and prayers coming your way!

Belkycita said...

ohthat picture of his broken arm gets me nausea. Poor little guy. I am glad he is doing better. Hugs to him.

Kristin @ Intrepid Murmurings said...

Holy smokes that sounds so awful, poor kid!!! And poor parents, I can't imagine!!! So glad it got set properly though and that he was feeling better soon. YEOWCH!

Marci said...

there its nothing worse than having a child in the hospital, in pain and being so helpless because you can't do anything to make it better! glad Liam is doing better and i hope Clif recovers too. I know i haven't and its been 10 years