Friday, September 28, 2012

Daughter Daddy campout

I will leave this to Clif to tell us about it. I don't know  much but that I was really jealous for not being able to go

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall pictures

Our weekly excursion to the park. How big they are getting. It is pretty fun. Liam has friends at the park that he loves to play with and the twins love the sand box. Adele doesn't care as long as she can get filthy. Delsa is a dare devil and is all over the place. I love to be there and listen to their laughter.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Liams arm

He got a new cast. He loved getting it pulled off and then put back on. We are trying to figure it out. He first had a red like a life saber and then green like Yoda. Lastly he got light blue. I don't know why I don't have pictures of all the different casts but I don't. I think I was too interested in keeping the younger two out of everything that I missed some stuff.
 Here is his first cast. He had to have it up his arm to stabilize it. 

Here they are cutting off the cast to check the pins and make sure through xrays that he was doing OK. He ended up doing wonderful although they accidentally hit the pins in his arm. He was a little wary after that. But he seemed to do really good.

 After they took the pins out, they re casted it in Blue. He was healed but the Dr.s were worried about his arm being re fractured if he got too rough. So for two week we got another cast. We allowed him to ride his bike with the cast though. We wouldn't let him do that with the pins. We were too afraid of him moving the pins.
This is the after the pins, after the last cast picture. His arm is pretty gruesome. Liam loved showing people all the pin holes. Yes, a typical boy

Monday, September 3, 2012

Clifs birthday

Clif had his 33rd birthday. He had a great day going to work.... he he he. But when he got home it was a whole new story. The kids had made him all cards. A lot of cards. I think they made him all three cards or more. It was really funny to see the kids explaining the massive amounts of stick figures, Star Wars figures, and much more to Clif. He seemed to get a kick out of hearing about them all.

 Yep Liam made him a Star Wars card. It was really funny
To everyone else this looks like a plain box but it was really a meat slicer. It was the best present. Clif has gotten use out of it all the time. He loves to pull it down for any excuse including slicing homemade bread. Funny the uses he can find for it.
As always I made him what he wanted for breakfast and so we had sausage gravy and biscuits. Then we had  pastrami for dinner. I made him decked out brownies for deserts. Somehow I don't have pictures of them but they were really good.
All in ALL, Clif got to play his Harry Potter game, enjoy a bike ride and get a great culinary tool that we have all loved. Pretty good day, I say.

Adele is funny again.

Me to Adele: Adele, let me kiss you. It is my job.
Adele to me: No, NO NO! Kissing is so gross.
Really funny to me since Adele loves to cuddle and be loved. She is the only one that has ever loved and let you cuddle her. She will cuddle and wrestle with Delsa all day long but not get kissed from me. She is so funny.