Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Liams arm

He got a new cast. He loved getting it pulled off and then put back on. We are trying to figure it out. He first had a red like a life saber and then green like Yoda. Lastly he got light blue. I don't know why I don't have pictures of all the different casts but I don't. I think I was too interested in keeping the younger two out of everything that I missed some stuff.
 Here is his first cast. He had to have it up his arm to stabilize it. 

Here they are cutting off the cast to check the pins and make sure through xrays that he was doing OK. He ended up doing wonderful although they accidentally hit the pins in his arm. He was a little wary after that. But he seemed to do really good.

 After they took the pins out, they re casted it in Blue. He was healed but the Dr.s were worried about his arm being re fractured if he got too rough. So for two week we got another cast. We allowed him to ride his bike with the cast though. We wouldn't let him do that with the pins. We were too afraid of him moving the pins.
This is the after the pins, after the last cast picture. His arm is pretty gruesome. Liam loved showing people all the pin holes. Yes, a typical boy

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