Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Half Moon Bay

So I probably have pictures of Thanksgiving but I don't know where they are. So here is the next best thing, our day trip to Half Moon bay. The kids and I love the beach. Clif doesn't love it but he didn't get a vote this time so we all went to the beach for the day. It is windy and cold but I needed a pick me up. Thanksgiving week was a traumatic for my family. Without too much detail, we found out the Monday before Thanksgiving that my tubal that I had performed after Delsa was born didn't work. So once again, we were going to have another baby. I can not explain how devastating that was for us to find out. But we are now excited. So we retreated to the beach at my insistence. 
 Here is the picnic at the parking lot. Clif insisted not doing it in sand. I will say it was a pleasure not eating sand with my lunch.

The kids loved the beach. We were really good about explaining rip tides and sneaker waves. I was silly though and played too close to the waves. The sneaker wave knocked Adele, MyraJean and Delsa down. It was a little traumatic for them. But I have to say it was a great day for us. I loved being outside and at the beach. The kids however are a little more scared of the BIG ocean. I think we just need to go more often

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween night

Best Halloween picture ever. Love it... My kids right before they went around the neighborhood. We already did the trunk or treat so I wasn't concerned about candy, but I so wanted pictures. Guess who always makes me laugh.
 Adele was our bat and Delsa was our little red riding Hood. How cute are my kids?
 We convinced the kids that if they painted the pumpkins we would can them and then we could have pumpkin cookies and bars all year long. They agreed. pretty funny pumpkins this year.

Halloween and School parade.

Halloween came around again. Funny how those yearly holidays come each year at the same time. My Mom was so good and got the kids all costumes. I really don't love Halloween so it was awesome for the kids.
 Liam is a Jedi! Did you think he would be anything else? His friend Spencer was Darth Vader so it was fun for him. This is his serious look, thankfully he does not have his Life sabor. We would all be in trouble.

 Evelyn was a butterfly. It was an awesome costume since it wasn't super girly and was still very cute for a 5 year old.
 MyraJean is a Lady bug. She makes the cutest kid. I love her very infectious smiles and her sweet disposition. She totally fit the costume.
 Delsa is getting so big. She didn't get dressed up, it was super cold.
 Adele, smiling for the camera as usual. I love this kid. She is so happy to go anywhere and everywhere.
 This is the parade. I had to run around to get all of the kids.

Thought this was a great picture.