Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve and Christmas crafts

Christmas is always a fun time at our house. It was a crazy time, since this year I worked over at Target during the holidays. So Clif did a lot more of the crafts than I did. But it was a great season. The kids did go see Santa but at the Sports store. I never scanned the picture in but we did get a great picture of the kids. This one is just from walking through the mall and I wanted to snap a picture. 
The kids made graham cracker houses and had a ball. Clif once again did the crafts with the kids on his own. I am so blessed with how much he does with the kids.
The finished project. I love how they all used the same items and yet they are all very different. By the way when you count them there are 5. Delsa couldn't do one so Clif so graciously did one for her. Then he belly ached every time the kids touched his and ate his candy. It was super fun.
For dinner we had our traditional clam chowder. The kids love this meal. Then we read some Christmas stories and opened their Christmas eve gifts. They got great cosy blankets from thier Mimi with matching pillows.

Here is everyone lined up with thier blankets and pillows.

Clifs Mom did a 12 days of Christmas with really fun stories and gifts for every night. We got a couple of days behind and so on Christmas Eve we got to open a couple of gifts. One of them, are a really cool one was a quilt that depicted Book Of Mormon stories. So each square has a different prophet or story to tell the Book of Mormon. I want to put it up as a wall tapestry. It is the coolest quilt. She did an excellent job. Love it. The kids also all got dolls or a specific gift for Christmas eve. It was a very special day for our family.
What a great reminder of what the Christmas season is about. We had such a great night remembering our Savior and the wonderful season of giving this particular Christmas was. Our family has been so blessed this year.

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